How to Discover Your Strengths


If you wish to be a successful business leader you will have to foster your strengths and skills. It is important to identify your strengths as they are the key to your success. To optimize your abilities you will have to go through your strengths.

Here is how you can discover your strengths.

Watch for the signs of excitement

When you are doing something you really good at your excitement is evident. Your chest is broader and your pupils dilate, your arms spread wider and your speech is quick and fluid. You feel more motivated and alive. You can ask a close mentor when you appear the most excited or observe it yourself. When does your mind feel energized or is more engaged?

Break away from designations

You will have to explore new roles to discover your gifts. Experiment with some flexible roles and see how it works. In case you think something could be good and you find people excited about it then explore it.

For instance, if you want a more creative and innovative workplace but you are not the best man to do it then find someone in your team. When you find that Maverick someone put that person in charge of innovation. When you assign roles based on strengths and not job titles you will be able to build a stronger team.

Notice what makes you different than others

When you use your strengths you stand out from the crowd. You use unique approach and these are the moments you need to identify. Clarify what makes you different.

Creatively describe your strengths

When you name your strength to avoid using words like passionate or dedicated. Come up with a particular term that expresses your unique strength. You could be storyteller, energy incubator, battery or investigator. The specificity will help leaders to apply their gifts. The word makes your strengths to be embedded in your everyday life.