How to Cope Being an Overly-Emotional Person


Do you often experience being overwhelmed by your emotions? Are you bothered by even the littlest things such as loud chatter in a pub, a total stranger telling you a sad story or even bright lights?

And most of the people around you don’t even understand why you act in a way or why you feel in a certain manner. It is your innate trait and you cannot just get rid of it.

However, here are few to cope being an overly-emotional person.

Have a morning and bedtime routine

An overly emotional person needs stability and cannot control emotions in an unpredictable situation. Having a routine will help you channel your feelings. For instance, a morning routine where you listen to a song which motivates you can keep you motivated for the rest of day. It will put you in the right frame of mind.

Stop looking for solutions

Being overly emotional is not a personality flaw. You cannot fix it so start embracing what’s inside you. You are what you are.

Know the triggers

It is high time that you know what your triggers are. Identify what causes your discomfort.

Sleep more

Get enough sleep or you will lose control over your emotions. Lack of sleep can easily make someone cranky or irritable. You need to get 8 hours of sleep every night and it will make you feel better.

Be firm with people

You yourself know what are the things to not to do so as to not make you feel highly emotional naturally. But your friends or others might not know it. When you want certain things in a way such as not visiting a place etc let them know and stay firm. It is better to minimize the risks.

Eat healthy

Your emotions can be stable with a healthy diet. Especially have brain foods like walnut and salmon.

Plan Ahead

You know what makes you overly emotional so plan ahead and prevent something to trigger you. If you hate noise and have to book hotel rooms close to the street pick a room from the top floor, to avoid noise from the street.

Have a safe space at your home

You need to escape from the entire emotional jumble and take a retreat. Having a quiet room at your home where you can be alone and relax is very essential. Or you will start feeling as if you will explode anytime.

Focus on your positive qualities

You can easily get caught up in your emotional thunder, making you feel pathetic and low. However, the people who are overly emotional have plenty of qualities that should be focused on such as being loyal, empathic, creative and artistic.

Cut out caffeine

Caffeine can make you lose your control over your emotions, thus needs to get out of your system.