How to Be Indispensable At Work


The corporate world sometimes leaves you insecure about your job. There are so many alternative candidates available to suit up the position that you really somehow need to know that you are crucial to the company and you have the job security you need.

There are many ways to ensure your job security. Notable amongst them is to make yourself indispensable to your boss. You hit your career’s sweet spot when you become indispensable at your office.

You need to become a crucial part of your organization. The company doesn’t want to lose you and if you leave, it will bring the system down.

How could you possibly do it? Read on.

Do You Job And Do It Well

Well, this strategy is pretty basic. But would you rather consider anything else over building a foundation and then constructing the whole building? This is your foundation to start with and for everything else.

You need to fulfill all your job responsibilities and complete tasks with minimal supervision. It would be ideal to do a better job than the predecessors. This even means you will have to do the less exciting tasks with enthusiasm.

Completing all the aspects of your job role well and proving to your boss that they have an invaluable and formidable employee in you can attract more opportunities towards you.

To display your commitment and to be able to get everything done promptly is to start your day early before the others to get a head start. Research has established that employees that arrive early at work are considered better performers even if they leave early.

Stay Proactive

What sets proactive employees apart is their ability to anticipate work, plan ahead and prepare. They do not need to wait for tasks to be handed out. They are capable of identifying potential problems to which they find possible solutions. Their operations are effortless and efficient thus making them credible to manage new projects and deliver great results.

Ace the Proactive Game

  1. Planning ahead

Teach yourself the basics to project management. Start applying the same into your daily work routine.

Be capable of visualizing projects from its start to the end and identify the significant milestones and set deadlines to share with everyone involved in the project. Try to look for any doubts that might arise in your mind or others and find answers and solutions to it, to be able to not have any future hindrance.

  1. Communicate

If you are handed a new assignment make sure you ask any and all questions possible. If you need to delegate tasks, communicate your expectations and provide all guidance. Make sure you clear all doubts and confusion or it can obstruct the success of the project.

  1. Manage

Make sure you periodically ask your manager about their goals, expectations, and desired results. Then whatever you work on, keep in mind the goals and make sure you cater to those expectations. Communicate the impact you are contributing.

Say ‘Yes’ To All Opportunities

Successful people are known to pursue opportunities and not shy away from them. So the next time your boss asks you if you can engage in something new they want you to do, accept it. Maybe it is something you never handled or developing a new idea for your next meeting.

But firstly be grateful for the opportunity your boss provided you with because after all if you are doing an excellent job, you stand the chance of becoming a credible employee for your boss to hand over new projects.

This will increase your value and the more value you are able to bring to the organization the more favorable your career prospects.


An indispensable employee sleeps better at night knowing his job is secure. More importantly, they gain respect from the leaders of the organization. This also increases their chances to any prospective promotions.