How Richard Branson Survived Hurricane Irma and How He Is Helping Others


Hurricane Irma caused a tremendous havoc and massive damage to the parts of the Carribean and made its way to the US. The hurricane was so strong that it was considered as a Category 5 as it broke the record of the most powerful storm ever discovered in the open Atlantic.

People were advised to evacuate the areas where it might be affected. However, some decided to tough it out. And one such person was Virgin group founder Richard Branson as he and his team decided to take cover at Branson’s Necker Island house in the British Virgin Islands.

Richard Branson then shared updates of before and after through his blog on social media from September 5th before the private Island was hit by the storm. It is a tradition for him to confine at his house on Necker Island and hang in through the major hurricanes. In his blog post, he explains how he and his team were preparing.

They had constructed strong buildings with hurricane blinds and Branson jokingly adds how his team felt hours before the storm. He described them as calm and upbeat watching the wildlife, playing games and having a great sleepover. They prioritize safety and Branson asked people in the hurricane’s way to take proper shelter and be informed. He asked them to have a plan, disaster supplies etc.

On September 7th when the Irma hit, he became vocal again sharing how he and his team endured the hurricane. It was then time to evaluate the destruction and start with relief efforts. He dictated his blog to a staff member located elsewhere that whole houses and trees had disappeared, bathroom and bedroom doors and windows flew 40 feet away. While they still assessed damage Branson quickly partnered with British Red Cross to aid those who were affected and provide relief.

On September 8th he shared photos of the Irma aftermath. He described the scene saying the boats are piled up like matchsticks, great cargo ships thrown out on the rock, decimated resorts, blown off rooftops of houses and even some of the churches lost roofs where people took shelter.

Branson’s team reached neighboring islands to get water and supplies. Branson even called out government and agencies to do everything they could to give help to the affected. Later he traveled across Carribean islands and countries to aware people and help to rebuild communities. Branson notes that how ferocious and unforgiving the storm was.

Branson is now calling for a Disaster Recovery Marshall Plan to “aid in recovery, sustainable reconstruction and long-term revitalization of the local economy.”

(Photo Credit: businessinsider, metrouk, cnbc)