How Entrepreneurs can Beat the Emotional Enemies at Work


There are some emotional enemies that we face while running business which if unchecked can bring any farsighted and sharp person to settle on the wrong choices. There are basically three of these feelings that have a drastic impact on the choices of an entrepreneur.

Here is how a businessman can beat the widely recognized emotional enemies at work.


Basically, we are tensed about the things we are uncertain about or because we lack trust in the work or the process. Perhaps you have not been able to accomplish much to feel certain and stable about your capabilities. When you are tensed about your business the best thing to do is to investigate your work or business.

Firstly, dissect the structure of your business, examine the core group and ensure you have the right person allotted for the correct positions. Next, understand what your goals are and focus on your visions. This way you feel more certain about the things in your business and gives you a little tension free period to focus on work.


Never make decisions when you are feeling outraged because the decision will be negative and the outcome bad. Outrage combined with pride can be highly dangerous. Thus never let outrage handle your activities. When you feel outraged take a break of half an hour or more to consider details more closely. Focus on developing a positive approach to the situation to turn things to your benefits.


When you fear things while running a business, it can create a massive barrier between you and success. Fear will not allow you to take risks and thus not let you explore new opportunities, new ways, and better processes. We fear failure way before we even step into change. Most of the time we fear the unknown and the result our actions will have.

We end up letting our fears direct where our business and lives will lead. Fear can be however efficiently managed by evaluating the hazard and possible results. Start generating backup plans to avoid complete disaster in case something goes wrong. At the same time accept that failure and shortcomings are part of the path to success. Perfection cannot be achieved without making initial blunders.

So remember when next time you face these emotional enemies, take a moment and do nothing. Find the courage to focus and bring some sense into the situation to take the right decisions.