Hidden Reasons Why Men Don’t Want Sex Every Time


The myth which everyone believes that men always want sex isn’t true at all. There are many factors in life which cause a sharp decline in the sexual lifestyle of men and libido in everyday life. This less sexual desires can affect the relationship and the bonding between a couple. Here are the five reasons why men don’t want to do sex every time.

His work is his mistress.
When men are more focused on their career objective or goals, their sex drive becomes lesser. They think of sex as the demotivation and can lead them to slowly in life. When men are passionately and determine for their careers their excitement level for sex may go down sharply. In this case, if you are his companion you don’t need to worry about anything and instead should support him.

Sexual Autonomy
Some men feel delicate vulnerability at being reliant on a different person for their sexual desires to be fulfilled. This sexual desire can be in the form of porn and masturbation. Most of the men find pleasure in doing this as they have their own fantasies which they wish to get it fulfilled one day. Sometimes the hindered childhood care or busy parents may cause their children to become less social in future which ultimately affects their sex life and libido.

Body Ailments
Sometimes there are severe body ailments like anxiety, depression and even sexual wellness problems like erectile dysfunction, fear of premature ejaculation also haunts a man from doing sex. This is the biggest turnoff for sex in males. Around 38% of people in the USA have at least suffered from premature ejaculation in which they were unable to satisfy their companions.

Less Libido
Often a stressful life which is full of hectic office work or schedule can be the biggest turnoff for low libido in males. Due to the hectic schedule and lifestyle of today’s world, many men suffer from the less sexual drive and end up with many complexities. This condition is quite normal in people living in urban areas.