Here’s Why No Girl Wants to Date You!


There is no thumb rule when it comes to impressing a woman. Each woman has their own preferences in men and preferred types. But maybe they have similar thoughts on the qualities in men that never appeal to them. Some men have it easy as they have the innate charm. But a lot of men feel useless and incompetent when they have to deal with a woman. For them getting a date is too hard and even close to impossible.

If you are someone who often wonders why no girl wants to date you then read on.

You may not have been around a lot of women which becomes evident. You feel and look super awkward while talking to a woman and cant hold long conversations. It is a real turn down for a woman.

You take wrong hints and often misunderstand signals. When shes just being friendly you think she is interested in you and you make moves. She eventually is creeped out by you.

You are an evident sexist. No girl wants to be with a guy who boasts about being superior to her or women for that matter.

If you are someone who cracks inappropriate jokes maybe you try it on her too. If you met this girl for the first time and you compliment her mustache there’s no doubt about why she has already blocked you.

You are too clingy, you try too hard when she is trying to push you away. You have no clue when to stop. You try to message her constantly to initiate chats when shes clearly not in the mood for it. This, my friend, ruins all your chances of becoming her prospective boyfriend.

You are an evident desperado who will date any girl that comes your way and have almost hit on all girls you know.

You don’t take any interest in looking presentable. She is not looking for a Ryan Gosling in you but at least look good for her. It is all in the way you groom for the meets, be clean and attempt at making a style statement.

You are not gentle and get too touchy. Out of nervousness, you cross lines. You might think she will take it as your friendliness but you only look like a creep.

You have a foul mouth. You abuse every second and are sleazy. People around you feel uncomfortable with your constant use of profanity.

You are not confident at all. You are too shy to make eye contact or even look at her when you are talking. Until you look into her eye to make an impact with your words shes never going to be want to be with you.