Here’s What the Moles on Your Body Reveal about Your Personality


Moles can just appear anywhere on your body and on any nook or crevices. For some parts, you may try hiding them and for some, you try to flaunt it. But in any situation we all have had one question in our mind at least once in our lifetime, what role do these moles play in our life or why are they on such particular parts of our body?

If Chinese and Hindu astrology is to be believed these moles on our bodies, birthmarks or beauty spots do reveal a lot about your personality. It can be determined depending on the space of body part that is occupied by your mole.


Depending on whether the mole is in your right or left palm it indicates different things interestingly. A mole on your right palm indicates you have a thoughtful nature, are quite calculative and will live a life of material comforts. A mole on the left palm, however, suggests that you are quite the spendthrift and have difficulty saving money.


A mole on the forehead suggests that you have a strong personality. You are headstrong, determined and have strong instincts which also indicate you hold strong leadership skills. You are also known to be attractive!


It’s not a good news. A mole on the nose indicates bad luck. Your personality traits may be flirtatious and a liking for gambling. Personal relationships also bear the brunt of their ways.


A mole on the right side of your cheek shows you are a sensitive person and on the left side suggest you are an introvert, have difficulty in mingling with people and making new friends.


You possess great intelligence and talent. Your child would also turn out to be having the same traits as you which is smart and talented. A mole on the back of your ear may suggest you being traditional at heart and follow customs diligently.

Chin and Lip

You fancy talking. If the mole is on your upper lip you may like gossiping. You are nice to people you meet and know. However, the lower lip ones are kind of indulgent and admirers of good food. Chin spots may mean plenty of things. Personality wise you think logically and are diplomatic. Luck is always on your side and which is why it is easy for you to gain fame and money.


You are a lively person. You love having fun and enjoy the luxuries of the world. However, due to your inherent lazy nature, you find it difficult to sustain it.


You are calm and polite. A mole on the elbow indicates you love traveling. Ones on the wrists suggest you are a dependable person and quite a careful one.


You are a sensible and practical person. It reflects on your actions and decisions. You are friendly and outspoken as well as a responsible person and to a great extent reliable.


You have a strikingly attractive personality which leaves a mark on the minds of others. Luck is on your side. But if you have on the back of your neck it means that you prefer an ordinary and simple life.