Here Are The Breakfast Choices Of 8 Powerful Men


Are you struggling with your morning diet? Here are some helpful tips for you. There was a petrol pump in Bangalore which was offering food for free to people who refuel their vehicles. Here you can see how people help you improve your diet. They were addressing the issues of skipping meals or not having healthy breakfast.

Now what you can do is go through the list below and find a suitable combination for yourself. Learn what these famous entrepreneurs eat for their breakfast.

Brad Lande:- The head of Birchbox Man:-

He starts his day by having hot water with lemon in it. He believes that it helps fight infection, cleanses liver, lowers blood pressure and rejuvenates skin with Vitamin C.

Mark Cuban: Billionaire Investor:-

He believes, “I live on Cookies. They are 190 calories each – high protein, high fiber, low carbs. I eat half a cup of coffee. I loved them so much i invested in the company.”

CEO of Whole foods Market, John Mackey:-

He considers making a smoothie every time he wakes up early morning. His smoothie includes kale or Spinach leaves, soy milk, fresh fruit, rice or almond and oat.

AI Roker: Best known as the Weather Anchor on the NBC’s today:-

Bon Appetit Drinks protein smoothie. This smoothie consists of ginger, frozen berries, eight ounces of almond milk, fiber powder, protein powder, and a little agave nectar and also sometimes he puts in some almond butter too.

Nick Saban: The American Football Coach:-

Every morning he would have two little Debbie oatmeal creme pies. He is a football coach and you can not argue on his meal.

Justine Timberlake: American Singer Songwriter:-

The ‘Sexyback’ Singer has waffles made with almond butter and flax along with scrambled eggs. After his morning workout, he then eats another egg or a protein shake.

Richard Branson: Business:- Magnate, founder of Virgin Group

He eats a fruit salad and muesli.

Warren Buffett: American Business Magnate, Philanthropist and Investor:-

Every morning since 54 years, he had been regular with McDonalds. He orders one of the three items from his fast food chain. Along with this he also swears to never spend over $3.17.