He quit his Job with Microsoft to Build Lenskart Which Has Now an Annual Turnover of Rs 100 Crore


This is the story of Peyush Bansal who launched the online optical store Lenskart in the year 2010. He is currently on the list of the most successful startup entrepreneurs in India. However, like every other entrepreneur, his journey in becoming the most successful was a bit difficult with many challenges.

Like every parent Peyush’s father too wanted him to have a secured job and did everything to provide him with a good education. His father was a chartered accountant himself and Peyush studied hard and obtained an engineering degree from Canada. Peyush was shortly after placed with Microsoft, USA. He had a tempting salary package however he got bored after working for a few years.

In 2007, Peyush decided to return to India and his parents were not at all happy with his decision. He did not try to get hold of a job in the top companies but invested time in planning his own business.

E-commerce was a new concept around that time however with a great potential. And this made Peyush start a search portal named “MyCampus.com” which provided information to students about accommodations, car pool services, books and part time job opportunities etc. This functioned for about three years and in the year 2010, India had witnessed the rapid growth of online businesses.

He wanted to achieve great success and so he decided to launch four new websites called, lenskart.com, Jewelry.com, Bags.com, and Watchkart.com for selling eyewear, watches, bags, and jewelry online.

Over the years, Peyush focused most on Lenskart and was able to make it India’s biggest online optical store. Lenskart even has offline stores opened now in all major cities in India with advanced facilities. Presently, Lenskart provides eyewear to 1000 people each day in more than 1500 cities in India. The company also provides daily eye check up facilities to over 500 at their home.

Launching the business of eyewear has proved to be lucrative on a large scale and is revolutionary. The steady progress marks the growing success of the business. Today, the annual turnover the company is around Rs 100 crores and prepares to bring an IPO in the approaching three years.

(Photo Credit: Business Today, I am wire)