Your Hair Removal Guide To A Glowing Face


We all use various methods to make our face fuss free and absolutely smooth. Some use razors, some wax, some laser or hair removal creams. The kind of method you use to get rid of the fuss completely depends on your skin type. However, each requires a certain amount of care. It is also important that you do certain things to avoid damaging your skin in the process.

Here’s a list of things you should do and avoid while removing facial hair to get that fuss free glowing skin.

Cleanse your skin

Clean your face well before any kind of hair removal process. The hair is already layered with dirt and grime so pulling out without washing your face may cause your skin to react badly. Make your skin dry and oil free before starting off hair removal.

Have scrub session prior

Every lady should be aware of this. Scrubbing the face to get rid of dead skin cells and bring out any ingrown hair is essential. You will be much happier with the whole procedure if you scrub prior hair removal.

Ice your face after hair removal

If you have sensitive skin then you might know the feeling of your skin flaring up after harsh methods of hair removal. This is why you should place 4 to 5 ice cubes in a muslin cloth and dab it on the areas that are red and inflamed. This also helps the pores to close up.

You should wait for full hair growth

Removing facial hair before you need to will do more harm. For instance, if you are waxing you will have to use the wax strip multiple time to remove the tiny hair. This is the reason why most end up with rashes and skin damage.

After the process moisturize

You need to soothe the skin after hair removal which is why you should use a moisturizer post hair removal.

Avoid touching your face too much

Stop picking your face before or after hair removal. The skin has experienced harsh treatments no matter what methods you chose which is why picking on it will irritate it further. This makes things worse with all the rashes and inflammation.

Avoid moisturizing before hair removal

Most of the hair removal methods don’t work on moisturized skin. This even makes the hair to stick to your skin hence causing difficulty in the process.

Don’t go out in the sun right after

Your skin has had enough once you have removed hair successfully. Stepping out in the hot sun will cause your skin to turn more sensitive. Stay indoors for a couple of hours after facial hair removal. Wear sunscreen 20 minutes prior to stepping out.

Never shave or wax excessively

If there are some stubborn hair too hard or short to remove then stop trying to remove it vigorously. Overdoing causes a lot of harm which is why you should not try removing hair more than twice from a particular area.

Avoid the acne area

Hair removal procedure done on any area that has active acne will aggravate the issue. The best thing to do is to wait and let the skin be smooth and calm to do any hair removal on it.