Hacks for Men to Perfect the ‘Messy’ Hairstyle


Some things in life don’t need any efforts. However, you might sweat a bit when getting a perfect straight out of bed messy hairstyle. Even anything disheveled should look in a certain way so that it appears appropriately messy and not crap. And most importantly you want it to look the same the entire day.

Even with something as simple as messy you need to control, manage and tame your hair. But don’t overdo it to seem like you deliberately set it in a way or your messy look will give away. It is mostly about adding volume and texture to your hair which can literally give you the look you need here. Here are hacks to perfect your ‘messy’ hair look.

Go for matte finish product only

You will have to try many the matte clay or wax to know which one suits you the best. You should use something that can hold your hair in place and not something that will make it actually look messy. Apply the product roughly and not in certain directions.

Cut your hair at least once a month

A trim every month will keep your hair manageable. Regardless of what length you prefer. Haircuts will make it easier for you and also make your hair look healthy.

Hair dryer or towel

Your mane looks the best after you towel dry your hair. You might think otherwise but you can see the natural texture and which exactly what we are trying to accomplish here. If you still wish to tame a little then use a low heat setting and blow dry your hair and use your fingers to set not your comb or brush.

Shorten the sides in case you want a volume mess. Creating contrasts helps you look the best. You can shorten the hair length on your sides and leave the top center messy.

(Photo credit: mens-hairstyle, menshairstylestoday, Pinterest)