Hacks for Men to Ensure Their Perfume Smells Good All Day Long


It is a daily struggle for men to ensure that their perfume smells good for a longer time. Who doesn’t want to smell fresh and great when they meet people or new people in some cases?

Here are few hacks for you to make sure the good smell lasts all day.

Storing perfumes

Perfumes or colognes must be stored in dry places. Avoid the damp or wet areas such as the bathroom or a drying balcony. Keep them away from heat, windows, and light. These elements play a role in maintaining the fragrance of your perfumes.

Avoid spraying on dry skin

Apply some Vaseline before spraying on perfume or cologne. Moisturizing the skin will help the fragrance to last longer.

Body areas to spray on

Look for the areas that throb such as the wrist, chest, neck, back of the knee and behind your ears. These are the areas that pulsate and keep the fragrance going and so are the best places to spray on.

Spray from a particular distance

It is important to spray from a certain distance. Smell the best the entire day by spraying the perfume from exact 6 inches away.

Follow the mentioned ritual post showers

After taking a shower spray some deodorant on the areas mentioned before, then spray some perfume over. To strengthen the smell, even more, apply some water after 30 minutes.

Never rub the wrists

The rubbing the wrists doesn’t distribute the smell. It is best to dab a wrist over another. Rubbing may also irritate your skin.

Never shake the perfume bottle

Perfume liquids are supposed to remain still so if you shake the bottle it’ll allow air to get in and subsequently affect the fragrance of the perfume.

Avoid overdoing it

Too much of spraying will not do you good. Too much of spray and fragrance might choke the people who pass by you. So never go overboard. Work with minimum and follow these hacks and experience the change yourself.