Habits That Are Killing Your Happiness


No denying but we are all in a constant chase for happiness. We make decisions or choices in life that directly affect the way we feel and think of ourselves. When the decision is up to us we strive to make the best decision that will bring us closer to feeling satisfied. We naturally wish to avoid fear and build a life that is more comfortable.

Some of the choices we make actually cause anxiety in us and feelings of despair. Some even fall into bad habits which can hurt us and also destroy our future chances of fulfilling ourselves.

Just stop these negative habits to free yourself from the negative circle and live a more happy life.

Stop comparing yourself to others

You are only dissatisfied with your own lives because you indulge in constant comparison of your life with others. One life cannot be compared with others. You might think others have the best in life but it is not fair and all of us humans are unique with different talents, traits, and passion. We all exist with different life goals, experiences, and desires.

No one is perfect and when you compare yourself to others try to balance out your perception. We are all trying to put our best face forward.

Try to appreciate all that you have

Look around and count the little things you have in life that you can be grateful for. Every morning that you wake up is an opportunity in itself that you should be grateful for that you get the chance to work towards your ambitions, serve the others who contribute to your life and find joy in the little things. Gratitude is a way you can reduce stress and bring peace to your mind, be caring and become more resilient.

Don’t let fear or hate control you

Fear of failure doesn’t allow you to try new things, take risks and pursue your dreams. At the same time letting hate consume us causing us to be cynic and actively opposing things. You can start meditation or journaling practice to help you let go of such emotions. Reflect on how you treat others and your mind with hatred.

Don’t focus much on the past or the future

You miss the opportunities and experiences in life in your presence when you focus most on the past or the future. Live in the present to engage with what you have today and the people who you’re with.

You cannot control everything that goes on

You can plan but things don’t go as planned which is why you need to be prepared. When life takes a different route you cant sit and feels frustrated about how you have no control over the things that go on in your life. It seems unfair. But you have to learn to let go. Feel the freedom that you can have once you have let go the desire of controlling things you have no control over.

Don’t fixate on your possessions

Don’t concentrate on money and material things in life you will lose sight of the true happiness. That awesome car you have been eyeing will not bring you a sense of belonging or fulfillment. Your great new couch will not love you back. People and experiences, your dreams and love, those little joy are things you should really possess and be happy with. You need to strike a balance so that you are mindful that wealth cant buys you happiness.

Criticizing yourself

To set ourselves on the right path and identify our flaws to correct ourselves we need t practice a little self-criticism. But going all hard on yourself, talking negative to ourselves and not realizing what true happiness really means will only bring you closer to more frustration and stress.

If you are criticizing yourself because you know you can do better then it can be practical but beating yourself up due to opinions and assessments of others about you is only causing you to torture yourself. Maybe you are afraid of letting others down or considering what others think about you.

But you should find a way to know yourself a little better. Start appreciating and loving what you are. Be kind to yourself and others.