Habits of the Most Innovative People in the World


These people are the ones responsible for innovating the greatest world-changing tech humankind has ever seen yet they have some habits that set them apart like everything else. Their strongest ability was to build an empire with an idea. They definitely put in a lot of hard work but there were more of personal quirks involved as well.

Here are the habits of some of the most successful and innovative entrepreneurial leaders in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg wears the same outfit every day

Facebook’s CEO doesn’t wear a gray hoodie, t-shirt, and jeans daily out of style but because he doesn’t want to waste any brainpower on thinking what to wear. He considers the everyday task of choosing what to wear as silly and frivolous as he needs to spend his energy every day in helping serve more than a billion people.

Richard Branson kite surfs in the morning, at times with a naked model on his back

Virgin founder explains of the infamous series of photos that went viral years ago taken by a delightful photographer who turned up on the Island of Anagarda with his even more delightful girlfriend and asked if Branson would take her kitesurfing on his back. And later he asked if Branson minded her not having any clothes on like he would!

Jeff Bezos isn’t frugal about sleep

The Amazon admiral recently said in a Wall Street Journal interview that he feels so much better all day with his eight hours of sleep. Fatigue is his personal kryptonite.

Oprah Winfrey thinks modesty is overrated

The American Media queen gave a commencement speech to Georgia’s Agnes Scott College and talked about the idea of being full of herself. She said earlier she was afraid of it, but now she is so full.

Steve Jobs sweated the small things

The Apple icon was just a notorious crank to a point where the board of directors listed him second to the co-founder Steve Wozniak on their employee badges system. He bitched and moaned about so much that they made him “0” because it comes before “1”.

Elon Musk gets up on the right side of the bed

According to Musk if we wake up in the morning and think to ourselves that the future will be better than it is a bright day or it is not. His work ethic is powered by curiosity and positivity.

(Photo credit: anthillonline, vogue, businessinsider, fortunedotcom, afr)