Habits to Amplify Your Productivity


Are you noticing that you’re less productive lately? You are exerting a lot but accomplishing very little. Perhaps you need to take a look at your daily habits.

When you see individuals that accomplish many things in a single day you start wondering if they have superhuman powers. However, they have just simply mastered their daily routine and incorporated a few good habits that facilitate them in life and work.

Here is a list of habits to help you amplify your productivity.

Smart work

It is not necessary to work for long hours to be productive. You are capable of completing a week’s worth of work in just 30 hours rather than 40 hours. Firstly, do not get distracted from your to-do list. Secondly, stick to your to-do list. Lastly, set an assumed deadline for every task you have to complete.

Minimum use of your phone

You may not be picking up your phone every minute but your mind wanders off the moment it buzzes. During your work hours, keep your phone on silent or switch it off. If it is not possible, keep it away from your sight to not get tempted to check on it or use it.

Quick nap

Perhaps it is not possible for all. But if you are able to convince your boss to take a power nap even for half an hour, it will recharge you. As soon as you wake up you will be able to react better to pressure.


Work sometimes can get on our nerves and you get frustrated. Keeping mum about your frustrations can only lead to mental fatigue. Instead, talk about it to your colleague or friends. Share what bothers you and take their suggestions to relieve stress.

Go to bed early

Setting for rest early will allow you longer hours of sleep and you will wake up fresh in the morning. This will also allow you to wake up early to have enough time for breakfast as well as involve in an activity like working out, reading etc. This will naturally boost your energy.

Take regular breaks

In the continuous stretch of long working hours, it is essential for you to take some time off to relax. Divide your tasks into smaller parts and take regular breaks between them. You will start accomplishing better and more.