Your Guide To Deal With Lazy Coworkers


If you have been a part of a group project in your college and know the pain of terrible group members, you now prefer to work alone. Such is the situation at work as well when you have a lazy team member. You go through such troubles to coordinate among disinterested and least excited coworkers to work on a certain assignment.

You take such pains to make them work and eventually end up managing everything yourself, only to share the credit amongst the laid back people. It can make you agitated and frustrated.

But with necessary steps, you will be able to make the lazy ones jump from their chairs to take up some responsibilities.

Converse rather confront

At a workplace where ego clashes are not new, it can turn negative if you attempt to confront someone. You work rigorously only to find others taking all the credit. You should not go all red to confront that person regarding their work ethics, it will only turn into a huge fight involving the entire office.

Take the coworker for a little chat to not make them feel like they are under attack or being accused. You can try sharing your own workload pressures with them and ask them about how work has been treating them. Very mildly, push the fact that you have the idea that you have seen them less active lately.

Question them

To snap those coworkers out of their reveries throw a question at them. When you find them slacking off, ask them the update on the work they were supposed to do. This will shake their egos and bring them into action.

Never rat them down

It is not wise to inform on your coworker to your boss or to the HR manager. If it is frustrating you that the person is not working hard to deliver his best, the authorities will notice as well. You do not want to add your name to the mess.

Try to use it to your advantage

Whilst the other person is slacking off, you do not need to waste time on being irritated by them. You need to take things under your control and be a leader. There is no way your hard earned result and the credits that you deserve will go unnoticed and unpaid. You can turn into an inspiration with your leadership and ability to handle things alone.

You are not to babysit anyone at least at your workplace and your efforts will be recognized. And as long as it is being recognized and appreciated you need not distract from your focus.