Your Guide To Choosing The Right Kind Of Spectacles


Most of the men these days consider each detail of their look including their eyewear. Choosing the right spectacles is imperative as it forms a big part of the personality one carries. A good frame can make a huge difference in how a person looks. You can improve your attire and become more stylish with the difference of the frame.

Generally, most of the people select and figure out the best spectacles that suit them according to their face type. Every face type has a specific frame they can wear.

Here is a guide to choose the right kind of frame according to the shape of your face.

Firstly you need to quickly understand that the frames should follow the line of your eyebrows. You need to center your eyes within the lens and go for the frames that visually lift your cheeks and eyes.

Round face shape

If you have this face shape you need to look for strong details to build angles. You will need wide rather than tall lenses to bring focus to your eyes. Check for nose pads so that the frames don’t rest on your cheeks.

Square face shape

If you have square face shape you will need to soften your features with round or oval frames and the frames should be wider than your cheekbones. You should go for thinner frames to soften the sharpness.

Oval face shape

The frames you choose must be proportionate to the rest of your facial features. Your face shape can work bold shapes and bright colors. You can go for square or rectangle frames for contrast.

Heart face shape

You need to choose the frames that are wider than your forehead for balance. Find details on the lower half of the frames to balance the narrow jaw line.