Grooming Tricks a Man Should Know To Look His Best


In the everyday routine and daily tasks involving grooming, hacks can be very useful to save time and energy. If hurry your morning shaving regimes you will be left with a cut and sometimes appear half done.

Follow these simple grooming tricks in the morning while getting ready to look your best and reach work early.

Shaving Gel Hack

You should leave your shaving gel on for about 5-7 minutes and then start shaving to avoid cuts.

Use conditioner if you are out of shaving gel

If you have run out of shaving gel and already squeezed it to its limits then replace it with a hair conditioner. It will offer a smooth drive.

Apply lip balm while shaving

Apply some lip balm if you have cut yourself in some part and are expecting to bleed. It will prevent the blood from oozing all out.

Have kiss ready lips

In order to have really smooth lips, you need to exfoliate your lips. After you brush your teeth and have cleaned the bristles, rub your toothbrush on the lips. You will get rid of all the dead skin on the surface.

Use oil instead of ear buds

If you dint know ear buds are not safe to use. So you can use olive oil instead to clean your ears. You can use a dropper to dispense and pat cotton over it to let it dry. The wax build up will reduce the regular use of oil.

Pop the pimples with tissues

You have some uninvited guests at your face party burst them by squeezing gently with tissues by covering your fingertips. It will prevent the spread of bacteria and will also avoid any fingernail cuts on your face skin.

Beat the hangover puffiness with ice

You can use a bag of frozen peas or pack of ice and place in on your face for some time as a quick and easy anti-inflammatory treatment.

Clean out razor with a hair dryer

To save water blast the blades of your razor with a hair dryer. It will not just remove trimmed hair but also prevent oxidation and rust from damaging your razor blades.

Use a soap bar to de-stink your gym bag

You know your gym bag is foul. Pop a bar of soap inside by slotting the bar in a porous bag and leave it in the main compartment to prevent the casualties.

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