Never Make These Grooming Mistakes on Your First Day of Work or Things Would Go Downhill


First impressions for some occasions are everything you need. Especially when it is the first day of work first impressions can make or break the deal. Many invest in corporate suits and shoes however you need to pay attention to certain details that can pull your complete look together.

Here are some grooming mistakes that you need to avoid doing on your first day of work.

Groom your claws

You cannot let your nails sabotage your impression. Clean and clip your nails. If possible go for a manicure.

Avoid too much cologne

Overusing anything will kill its impact. You just have to make sure you don’t smell foul and not choke people with your perfume scent to cover it. Just look for smelling good and in summers use deodorant to avoid sweat patches.

Sort your facial hair

You will have to trim your beard or mustache every day. You don’t want to look shabby at work with overgrown facial hair. You look lethargic so it is best to avoid the scruffy look. If you sport stubble look, then even you need to trim it to perfection.

Get rid of flaky skin

Moisturising is not just for women, men should moisturize their skin too. It will make your skin glow and look fresh. If you have dry, flaky skin then surely you should moisturize. Go for a mild moisturizer with an oil base. You can even go for a natural routine like applying a mixture of honey and lemon juice on the flaky skin and wash it after 10 to 15 minutes.

Clean your hairy neck

Most of the times your nape, which is the hair line ends at the back of your neck is cleaned while you get a haircut. However most ignore thinking it is not that noticeable. But who wants hair sticking out from the collar? Hence you should trim and keep your neck area clean.