Girls Ultimate Guide to Care for Her UnderEye Area


Eyes give away all when someone looks at our face. We hate dark circles, baggy and tired eyes and with aging, it only starts to accentuate. And under eye cream or gels don’t go easy on your pockets.

However here are ways you can take care of your undereye area to have bright eyes and look fresh always. Also, goes easy on your pockets!

Cold compress

If you slept late the previous night or have a hangover it is natural to have puffy eyes. Use some cold compress by wrapping ice cubes in a piece of handkerchief or muslin cloth and softly pat or press onto your eyes. With your eyes, you will also feel fresh with reduced puffiness.

Try to get enough sleep

You may be familiar with the fact that you need about 8 hours of sleep every night. It is important to give your body rest and which goes the same for your eyes. With a good night’s sleep, you will receive a fresh look with no dark circles.

Vitamin E oil

It protects the skin from UV damage as well as blocks free radicals from aging your skin. Hence, use of Vitamin E oil will reduce fine lines around your eyes and keep the frail skin protected. You can even opt for face creams that are enriched with vitamin E.

Tea bags

The used and cooled tea bags can be used to place on your eyes that help your under-eye bagginess. The tea contains caffeine, tannins, and antioxidants that energize the blood vessels under the skin and helps reduce puffiness and worn-out look.

Remedy for dark circles

Here is a home remedy that can reduce your dark circles gradually. After a cold compress to your eyes, apply a mixture of 1 tsp almond oil, rose water and lime juice to your undereye area before going to bed. This should help reduce your dark circles if you repeat it for few weeks.

Almond oil in the mixture has vitamin e, potassium, zinc and a number of other minerals that nourishes your undereye area. Rose water with its anti inflammatory properties can diminish the redness of the irritated skin. And the lime juice lightens the skin and lessens the appearance of blemishes.

Wear Sunglasses

Ensure you prevent the harmful UV rays to affect your skin and the sensitive undereye skin. Invest in some large and dark sunglasses to protect your eyes always.

Avoid devices as much as possible

The constant use of our little devices makes us strain our eyes quite often. And so we should try to avoid using our phones for an hour before bed and couple of hours during the day. You can start doing easy eye exercising which involves looking out the window and concentrating on objects. To refresh your eyes wash your face and keep slices of cold cucumber over your eyes.

Cover up with makeup

When in doubt, makeup can come to your aid. Concealer or foundation that suits and matches your skin tone can help you hide away any signs of tiredness. To protect your eyes you can use eye cream before applying the makeup products at the same look fresh.

(Photo credit: all women’s talk, foreo, Pinterest)