If A Girl Does These Things Marry Her Now!


In today’s world, both guys and girls are constantly trying to find their perfect match or their right partner. We are looking for someone who can stand by us in the good as well as bad times. When a group of guys meets they discuss a woman who his friend dated who was too clingy or annoying. And then they generalize the female species as being too attached or loud beings.

But here are some points to help a guy find the girl he should marry.

She believes in you

You need a girl who believes in your capabilities. She is someone who makes the relationship and your life constructive. Being loved by someone who nourishes your soul is a fulfilling thing.

She knows how to calm you

So we all get angry at some point and there are also people who are short tempered. If your girl doesn’t understand your temper and gets upset or irritated by you then let her go. The girl who knows how to deal with your rage is the right person for you. It is almost impossible for you to resist a girl who brings you down from ‘I don’t want to be with you’ to ‘I love you’. Her strength is a blessing.

She trusts you

Due to social media relationships, these days are having a hard time sustaining. Trust is a thing many people flounder at. They either cant be trusted or they have a hard time giving their trust to someone. If a girl still trusts you instead of misunderstanding things then you are a lucky man. Never let her go!

She compliments your humor

Girls love funny guys, and they are attracted to men who can make them laugh. You know well if you crack jokes that not every girl reacts to you in a similar pattern. But if you have a girl who goes crazy and understands your humor level and moreover joins yo

u in the moment for a hysterical time then she, my friend, is a keeper!

She has same tastes in things as yours

A good relationship requires valuable time to be spent together. And if you have similar tastes in movies, music etc it will help you and your partner in a long run. You will hardly have any conflicts and you will love to spend more time with each other.

She encourages you to act not just dream

We are all familiar with the phrase that behind every successful man there is a woman. If a girl is not a just a partner in your life but also encourages you in achieving your dreams to make your life better than she really is best you can have. She is not someone who will ask you to set aside your work so you can be with her. She really lets you achieve things which help you in becoming successful and keeps you happy.

She respects your family

When you take her for a family lunch if she laughs around gels with your parents enjoys the company of your siblings then there is your catch. A family is a key foundation in life and for a girl to impress your family means a lot.

She respects your privacy

There are some possessive girls who will take over their boyfriend’s life and not let them go out with friends or take over their privacy by constantly checking her boyfriend’s phone. Freedom is nourishing and healthy for a relationship. If a girl understands this and lets your life have balance with friends time, family time and a little time with your phone then your girl is a God sent.

She fights your bad intentions

Maybe you smoke and it is a struggle for you to quit but the girl really helps you effectively to help you quit smoking. Maybe it’s not just a bad habit but unclear thoughts if the girl is able to solve your life’s puzzle then you really need to cherish her.

She promotes your intellectual growth

If a girl encourages you to do new things, learn something new, makes you read, introduces you to new genres of music or art or movies she is the best. You might not realize but she actually is trying to shape your character into a strong one. You know you learn from her a lot and she is a source of most of your knowledge.


(Photo Credit: popsugar)