You Should Get Rid Of These Things In 2018


So this concept doesn’t revolve around the phrase of new year new you by any chance. Yet the end of the year always is a good opportunity to look back at the things that were making us happy over the last few months and the things that are not really working out. Here are things you should get rid of in 2018 to enjoy more feelings of joy and productivity in your life.

Pens that don’t work

Yes, firstly they have been on the desk cluttering up and always confusing you with the ones that work. Invest in some new and lasting ones.

Checking phone right before bed

And maybe as soon as you wake up. You will sleep so much better after kicking this habit away. You know how it affected you the past year and making the effort will mean you get a good nights sleep and you won’t really miss anything.

Miscellaneous plugs and chargers

Seriously why do you have the phone charger from six years ago even though you don’t even have the same phone to? Let’s label all the wires or maybe use washi tape to keep track of what belongs to what etc.

Old sunscreen

Sunblock deteriorates over time. It is better to be safe and invest in a new one.

Stretched out hair ties

They are damaging your locks and barely even work.

Takeout menus

Every delivery joint has their menu online and so you don’t really need to stack up on those takeout menus.

Your mattress

If your mattress is seven years old it is time!

Leftovers in the freezer

Sure you have been meaning to clear out the frozen food long ago but never really got around it. Nows the time!

Old Birthday Cards

The ones that have sentimental value is surely something you want to keep, but you could get rid of the rest right.

Your Instagram addiction

You have been caught up in trying to get the perfect snap of your food for the ’gram than enjoying your meal way too much its time you give up and just gorge on the platter in front of you.

The snooze button

If you haven’t yet realized it yet those extra minutes of you sleeping in may actually be leaving you feeling more tired.


Even the kind is no good. Give it up this year and your health and body will thank you. And this might even add more years to your life.

Toxic friends

It is already 2018, there are some people that are totally not worth your time and energy it is the time that you give up on them.

Expired pantry items

Go through spices, baking supplies, and packaged goods and look for their expiry and toss them.

Contact numbers you don’t recognize

Like the lady from the grocery store or a mutual friend, you haven’t even contacted once.

Old Makeup

Expired products may lead to breakouts and infections.

All the junk you have been tucking away under the bed

Spend just a couple of hours to declutter your bedroom and get rid of those clothes and papers. Instant Zen!

(Photo credit: menusforless, nymag, bbc)