Get Hired by your Dream Company


Every person dreams of working in their favorite companies. Therefore make a list of companies you want to work at and remember keeping them as your priority. There is not much time to put so much efforts and time into this, but take out some time especially to create a list. The more focused you are the easier would be your process of getting hired.

How to Shortlist companies you want to work for:

Firstly, if you are confused on which employer to work with, determine what your ideal employer is while making company preferences.

Then research for all the companies you are choosing to work with, according to the skills and interests. Also look for the top rated companies to work for. Now, when you are done generating the list of top companies which match up your requirements, start short listing them.

Read these tips which would get you hired in your dream company:

Tracking a company before applying for it is important. You follow it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media channels and because of being active on social media, they might already recognize you when you finally apply for it.

Study everything about the Organization:

Doing advance research is a great way to learn about what the company is, and what they work for. This is certainly done so that when it’s time to go for the Interview you would know about the company already. Also, examine all the aspects of the organization and would this be an ideal job for you.

In-fact you will be able to speak with full confidence and positive spirit as you’ll have all the knowledge about the organization and you’ll have several other things to share with the interviewer if asked about the company and its history. In this way you will also be able to impress your employer.

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Follow the company on Social platforms:

There are a lot of Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Facebook and there’s a possibility that the company you are searching for takes an account on at least one of them.

Follow Companies on LinkedIn:

Connecting with companies in LinkedIn is important as you will be able to check the latest openings on their site. Another great benefit of getting connected with the companies is that you can easily apply to the vacancies and they can easily find you and your profile.

Keep your acts clean:

If you are thinking of interacting with the company on social platform you will have to be sure about your online presence is professional. Check for the account if there is anything inappropriate; also check your privacy settings to check who all can view your profile.

Bookmark all the Job openings:

Companies mostly have a separate job opening section. You should bookmark these pages and check them habitually.

Create a schedule of deadlines and set the calendar notifications for yourself:

If you are looking up for any annual program or seminars, create an excel file listing all the necessary dates and details and set notifications using an online calendar on your phones or you pc.

Look for an Opportunity to meet the recruiter:

Continue looking for seminars or events of companies and also participate in job fairs. You might get an opportunity to connect with people or the recruiter.

Following these tricks would help you reaching out companies and getting hired in your dream company.