Foods You Should Avoid To Stay Away From Acidity



Acidity can happen at any time and it’s hard to be aware of all the triggers of acidity. It is very common among people who follow unhealthy diet pattern and rely on spicy junk food. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a heartburn and want to get of it then here are a few foods you need to avoid to stay away from acidity.

Say No To Caffeine: 

Image result for no caffeineCoffee and Tea is a very well known trigger for acidity and heart-burns. Having a cup of coffee a day is okay but there are a few people who consume it all day long. Try avoiding these beverages and may be you can substitute it with green tea. Once you start avoiding caffeine, you’ll slowly feel that the recurrence of acidity is reducing.

Limit Citrus Intake:

Image result for citrus foodsWhen the acidity level goes up in body, it becomes important to limit citrus intake. Avoid grapes, lemons,oranges which contents citrus. Eat bananas, apples and pear instead this will make you feel better.


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Stay away from soda and other carbonated beverages because these cause acidity. Soda with caffeine and cola flavored beverages tend to be more acidic. Avoid carbonated beverages as much possible to prevent acidity.

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It sounds like a bad news for all the chocolate lovers but chocolate seems to cause more acidity than any other food. Reason being, chocolate contains caffeine, it is in high in fat and high in cocoa. All of which triggers acidity. It is best to say a big no to chocolates to prevent acidity.
Fried Food:
Image result for oily foodDeep fry food and chips contains a lot of fat. It triggers cholesterol as well as acidity in a person. If you are willing to avoid acidity reflux and want to live a healthy life then limit your fat intake and instead bake it.
To prevent acidity, avoid these foods and you’ll be good to go!