Food That Can Help Suppress Your Appetite


You may be trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet or maybe doing both. You come across many obstacles on choosing the right food and right amount of them to consume. Eating too much of anything will have adverse effects on your body. So how do we suppress our cravings?

Ghrelin is a hormone that causes us to crave, which is released when we ingest food and liquids and manages our energy needs. Your brain sends you the signal that you are hungry even if you just ate. However, there are specific foods or way of consuming them that can suppress your appetite and tell your brain that you are full.


Before having a meal fill up on water. You will feel fuller faster and sometimes you are just thirsty but mistake it for hunger. Your stomach will never be empty if you sip on water throughout the day.


Insoluble fibers have no calories it actually stretches your stomach to make you feel fuller. Wheat bran, fruits, nuts are high in fiber and low in calories. But with the right amount of fiber you need to drink a lot of water as well to not block your digestive track.


Apples are another great source of high fiber. Apples help you do not have sugar crash that makes you crave more food. Fibrous apple contains pectin which reduces the amount of sugar that gets absorbed into the bloodstream. You can snack on it before or after a meal.

Solids over liquids

Try eating as solid foods as possible. Liquid consumption can empty stomach quicker. For liquids choice, you can go for decaffeinated coffee as it can decrease hunger and increase hormones that reduce appetite.


Never miss your breakfast and try to incorporate protein-rich food items in your breakfast. High protein in the beginning of a day can curb your appetite for the rest of the day.