Five Points Every Millennial Should Ponder To Land On A High Salaried Job!


Recently, much unfortunate stuff is communicated across channels regarding aloofness of millennials and they are even stereotypes in the eyes of corporates nowadays.

So, you’re a millennial?


Okay, next…

And the reason? They are pre-conceived as irresponsible especially with the advent of social media.

Well yes, they can be proactive on social media, even may be addicted. But, that doesn’t take away the fact they are wrongly generalised and hence need to hold their own ground stronger than even the 90s kids.

So, here are the five key points to ponder when a millennial when he or she is trying to grab a high salaried job:

Question Creatively

An immeasurable way to impress recruiters from manpower is to not concentrate the discussion about financial gain or the ancillary perks you’ll be enduring, but rather steer the forum towards possibilities for you to improve your career ends.

Think And Act Positively

Notwithstanding the obvious judgments heaved towards the millennials, the generation still has plenty of actual characteristics that companies look for when selecting employees. For instance, millennials are often observed to be amazingly focused and intensely motivated if they are given the possibility to establish themselves. That being said, Y’all should make it a point to communicate your key strengths as a way to guarantee that recruiters will look at you with original consent.

Defeat Stereotypes

As much as you would like to out-and-out dress the argument, there’s definitely no avoiding any conventions or preconceived sentiments recruiters may have of you if they apprehend that you are a millennial.

Learn From Older Generations

When in doubt about how to advance the art of job fishing, it’s best for you to seek the guidance of your parents or older people that you know who belong to a generation that came before you.

This is strongly encouraged because older generations have earned years of balance that allowed them to understand the finer points of operating your career, especially if these people have gone through so many jobs in their continuance.

Don’t Get Down Even When Rejected

The substance of the situation here is that you can never please everyone despite your greatest efforts, so don’t take it extremely troublesome if there are certain companies who won’t pick you, especially if you’re a millennial who is just commencing out on the vocation fish string.