Find Your True Calling: The Right Career Path


Calling is something that you feel surprisingly comfortable doing. It is something you were meant to do and gives you bliss. It feels like a challenge to you and a challenge you unbelievingly are ready for.

With just a thought of it, you feel motivated and want to start doing it. It makes you feel alive. That thing that is lingering in your mind just as you read is your calling. It is your destiny.

Perhaps you are finding it difficult to identify your calling, here are a few tips.

What was the one thing that you loved?

We are so busy in our lives that we hardly get any downtime. All the hours we spend are at work and otherwise thinking of work. We hardly seem to have any time left. Thus, it is high time to understand what was the one thing that you were passionate about when you were younger? What were the dreams that made you happy?

When you start digging into the past deeper, you find the true passion you had forgotten all about. If it still excites you, it must be your calling.

What one thing makes you feel good?

The work you are every day involved with is supposed to keep you happy right, yet, you don’t feel excited or have a good feeling about it. You do not enjoy work at all.

Yet you shrug your shoulder and give up to the work cycle. However, these are the underlying signs. You do not want to do the things that make you feel obligated but should be something you want to do. Take a pause and give it a thought.

What is the thing that you do and completely enjoy? Don’t be influenced by what others are happy with or make them feel good about; if it doesn’t do the same for you, you are on a wrong path.

Get past the distractions

There are many distractions in your life that are actively preventing you from discovering your true calling. The distraction is your television, night outs or occasional shopping.

But they are supposed to be a fun time right? But they are disguised as traps to keep you in a repetitious cycle. These things don’t add value to our life; it doesn’t make us feel satisfied. These are temporary pleasers.

Rather spend the time productively to find that one thing that promises to give you lasting satisfaction. To put your finger on the thing, you need clarity of mind. Listen to what your heart wants.

Pay attention to the thought that doesn’t leave your head

The idea of becoming something would not leave your mind. You try to do things out of peer pressure, obligation or to get a conventional job. But what you are left with is something that doesn’t excite you at all. At one point in your life or the other, after graduating or getting a new job, that path has always been something you wanted to pursue.

Was it a business idea or doing something artistic or being a chef or maybe a career path that you feel is too unrealistic with the routine you are so accustomed to lately.

Be patient

It is essential that you stay patient because not everyone is capable of finding their true calling early on. Most of us need time and do many different things before finally discovering the one thing that we really want out of life.