Find Out the Bizarre Eating Habits of These Highly Successful People


The highly successful people follow daily habits to keep them focused and consistent. The daily rituals also help their minds to prioritize better. However, they are also humans and certain habits they follow are downright strange.

Let’s take a look at the weirdest eating habits of these well-known individuals.

Nicolas Cage won’t eat pork because the animals don’t have “dignified sex”. During an interview, he said that he chooses the animals to eat based on their eating habits. He doesn’t mind fish and birds as he thinks they are dignified with sex. But not pigs.

Renee Zellweger is known to snack on ice cubes throughout the day. She does this to feel full.

Mark Zuckerberg ate the meat that he killed himself. He did this to become a more thoughtful eater and to be grateful for the food he consumed. According to him now he eats a lot healthier and also has learned about sustainable farming and raising animals. The next year he announced that he no longer was eating what he killed.

Steve Jobs ate the same items of food for weeks. According to the biography of Jobs by Walter Isaacson Jobs would eat just one type of food like carrots or apples at a time for weeks. He once ate so many carrots at a time that Job’s skin turned bright orange. For him, his restrictive and vegan diet meant his body was free from body odor which allowed him to bathe just once every week.

Stephen King eats cheesecake before writing. Before the author sits to write he always eats a slice of cheesecake. He doesn’t eat oysters or anything slippery or slimy.

Henry Ford ate weeds from his yard. The automobile tycoon thought of his body as that of a car and as a combustion engine that needed fuel. He never went to the grocery store but ate weeds from his garden. Sometimes also ate weed-filled sandwiches.

Fergie daily has her shot of vinegar. The Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie never misses her daily shot of two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar. She noticed a significant difference in her stomach. Others who are a fan of vinegar a day are Megan Fox and Cindy Crawford.

(Photo credit: billboard, thehenryford, wennermedia, beinspiredchannel, media wired, popsugar)