Financial Decisions Every Girl Should Make In her 20’s to Chill in 30’s


In every 20 something girl’s life money is a daunting aspect. It is the high time she must get serious about money. You start using words like taxes and investments more often and the thought of savings really gives you those chills.

However here is your guide to financial decisions that you should make in your 20s for a tension free and secure life in your 30s.

Start budgeting!

Start separating your choices from ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ each month. Break down your salary and separate your expenses based on what you need. Your priorities are, of course, bills, loans, rent, and groceries.

Build an emergency fund

Life is unpredictable no matter how you often you try to ignore the fact. You really won’t know when you will be in need of money and it is best to be wise enough to set up a fund to deal with your needs if it ever arises. Let’s stay safe than be sorry!

Gradually step away from mom and dad fund

It always good to have a support system like your parents whenever you need it. However, start coming out of your comfort zone and taking charge of your life’s financial aspect. In dire situations, you can always rely on them, however, stop depending on them completely.

Make smart investments

You know mutual funds can give you the creeps especially because the commercials state that they are subject to market risks. However, if you have proper goals it can be a lot less intimidating. You can invest in Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) which is a mix of mutual funds and easy to understand.

Pay off your student loans

If you took an education loan for your master’s degree it should be taken care of now before the debt spills into your 30s. Plan the payments and get rid of the debt before other important financial decisions are to be made.

Start saving up

All the extra money that you make should directly be going into your savings account. Bonuses or appraisals all should be saved up and not splurged on something you don’t need or can wait.

Get insured

Insurance is the smartest way to save money especially medical insurance. The benefits can keep you covered for expensive treatments.

Start planning your goals

Maybe you wish to have your own apartment, a car, a degree, wedding or even a luxurious vacation. It is time to plan for these dreams and prepare a detailed sheet of funds that you will require to accomplish your goals. Perhaps you will need to start up multiple saving accounts or seek advice from financial experts.

Keep documents in order

You need to gather all your data of purchase and transactions to be viewed in the future as all investments. Salary slips, financial contracts, and agreements should be all in place to be available for your perusal.


Avoid the credit card debts

Credits cards can be tempting especially with the kind of offers banks provide easily. However, it is best to not have one and yet if you have one make sure you pay off the debts as quickly as possible to avoid drowning in the financial crisis.

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