Fashion Secrets You Should Know If You’re Not Tall Enough


Nobody is perfect to the T. But it shouldn’t stop us from looking our best. Perhaps you struggle to grow a beard or have a height of just 5’ 6” or under. But we should not never stop exploring and experimenting the best in fashion and follow latest trends.

So if you are not tall enough and wish to use your body length as an advantage here are few men’s fashion secrets revealed for you.

When you wear shirts go for tucked in

Choosing a bottom that best compliments your shirt and go for the tucked in look. When you tuck in your shirt your waist will be more defined and as a result, your legs will seem longer.

Make sure your bottoms, end at the ankle

You need to ensure all your bottoms end at the ankle and they need to be cropped. Either you crop them or fold them to be above the ankle level. The ankle should be exposed as it is the slimmest part of your leg.

Wear more dark shades

What will flatter your height is two dark shades of Hue. When you separate the top and bottom with two dark shades of hue making the two halves looking way taller than usual.

Give up wearing long shirts and wear shorts above your knee length

Long shirts will cover up the major portions of your legs, so keep them cropped mostly ending just below the waistline. If you want to wear shorts make sure they are shorter than knee length to make your legs appear longer. Your calves are slimmer than your thighs and it’s best to flaunt them.

When buying footwear look for some elevation

A little-heeled footwear is always a better option for you to go for. You need to stay off the ground and this is the best way. You might be in love with the footwear styles such as converse and espadrilles but they are not doing any good to your height and body proportion. If you are keen to work on your look heeled derby or oxford shoes are the ones you should go for.

(Photo Credit: Looktastic)