Why falling in love with someone can make you fall out of love


Falling in love is the greatest feeling ever, especially when you know you are really important for someone and that he or she loves you for what you are in person. Before you realize that the late night texting are leading you both towards several dates and then it becomes impossible to stay away from each other.

You are not only thinking of him but you are also looking for excuses to meet them. As obviously why would you prefer staying alone when you can be with a person who could kick the cynicism out of you?

Unbelievably, falling in love with someone is the most amazing feeling in the world. When you are in love you give all the rights to that person, to hurt you and still trusting enough that they won’t disgrace you feelings or break your heart. If we are lucky enough, we finally get a person who makes all those efforts and fights to be with him/her worth it. But there are times when the person we give ourselves to, makes our lives tougher.

Love is when a person comes in your life and makes his constant place in your head and in your heart. It all starts with spending evenings together and the want of spending most of the time with each other.

You imagine how tall he would be and how his broad shoulders and how his voice would be. You imagine how the relationship would form because of his virtues. You reckon all the qualities you want in that someone. At times when we are lonely, we clutch on to these thoughts. Due to that we commit sin to our partners and ourselves.

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Let us just make it clear that whatever we expect out of our partners, they would not be able to match up to the ideas and expectations we make in our heads. But what we need to know is, do they need to match up with your expectations? Is it really important that our partner should be the mirror image of what our dream partner looks like? Why do we feel heartbroken when they are unable to live up to your ideas of a perfect soul-mate?

It is totally unfair if we think our partners are wrong when they actually are not wrong but they are not up to your expectations. Imagine what they might think as they dint knew where they are going wrong, and how to be better.

We need to realize that there is no Yash Raj’s film going on. We have to know that being with someone means you have to accept them as they are, whether good or bad or ugly. Loving someone means loving a person with all his flaws and things which they aren’t proud of.

Therefore the next time when you partner ends up showing a massive flaw in front of you, embrace it, instead of wishing they would turn into the person you have imagined. After all what is love without compromises.