Facts about the Man behind the Playboy Dream Hugh Hefner


The OG porn king of the world led an unapologetic life. Hugh Hefner started from a single photograph of the most iconic Marilyn Monroe his magazine empire which is majorly responsible for the sexual arousal of many generations of men.

The magazine known for its erotic content resonated its founder and he led an equally scandalous life in his Playboy Mansion. The man who popped Viagra, like candies claimed to have slept with thousands of women. He lived up to the age of 90 which is proof enough that sex is good for your health.

Let’s take a look at some of the king of porn’s life facts that reveal more about his splendid personality. No wonder the man in his high school was voted by his class as the ‘most likely person to succeed’.

Hefner even though didn’t do too well in school had an IQ of 152 considered to be a genius level.

A former Playboy model disclosed that Hefner lost his hearing in one ear as a result of excessive use of Viagra. The man said he still preferred sex over hearing.

He is someone who defined the teen years of many boys across the globe but himself was a virgin until 22.

The man followed some rules. Hefner was against drugs and the girls in his Playboy mansion were forbidden from doing drugs.

Hugh Hefner was a distant cousin of George Bush.

Did you know Hefner who lived a life of pleasure and wealth served 2 years in the army during the WW II? He served as an infantry clerk and created cartoons for the army newspaper.

While away serving his time in the army, his wife reportedly cheated on him. Hefner said it was the most devastating moment of my life.

Hefner drank over 36 bottles of Pepsi daily.

The Playboy Editor wished to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe’s grave. He bought the plot next to it for $75,000.

To save the Hollywood sign from being demolished Hefner paid a whopping $900,000.

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