Everyone’s Insecurities at Work


At work, everyone has their moments of doubts, fears, confusion and anxiety. You feel insecure at various points in your career. You become nervous to conduct a new work. With new responsibilities, you would be doubtful as to how much questions you can ask your boss about it. And even on lunch-outs with your team, you would be scared to give away too much information.

In case you are worried that your insecurities are showing up at your workplace, you should know that you are not alone.

Having No Good Ideas

You always fear before entering a meeting hall that you have nothing to contribute. You never want to be an employee who doesn’t add value. However, you cannot force a great idea. It has to come to you organically. It is not the end of the world if you were not able to contribute with an idea. There will be bigger breaks around the corner.

Not Understanding Something

You know when there are meetings where the speaker keeps rambling about stuff, uses buzzwords and abstract concepts that you have no idea about but you just keep nodding.

But just like you most in that room might not understand everything he says. Simply ask there is nothing like a meaningless question. The speaker would be more than happy to clear some doubts at the same time making you look smarter and helping you finally understand the core message.

Not Completing Everything on Time

When you are under pressure or stressed, you easily resort to feeling like you cannot get a grip of the workload. But the fact is you are just having a bad day and there will be a better tomorrow or next week for your work.

If things don’t seem to be improving for you, the best way is, to be honest to your team about the things you can accomplish are and the things that you will need help for.

Coming As a Push Over, Know-It-All or Toady

There are no ways you want to be seen as any of the above. It is only you who has the power to be liked and respected by others at work. Simply do your best, be kind and help others, avoid gossip, never miss a deadline and you will never be worrying about getting any of these labels.

Not Being Recognized For Your Work

When you have put loads of efforts on a work, the worst feeling that comes is you will never be noticed for the great work you did. A supportive team and an attentive manager would never let that happen. Moreover, you can even try to use subtle ways to hint your efforts.

In case you are facing this more than often even with the efforts to fix it, probably your workplace is not the right one and you need to hunt for another.

Offending Someone Accidently

If you are scared of hurting someone by your words then probably you are a good person and there is no need for you to be insecure about it. Just next time when you plan on joking on something take an opinion from a close one on it. You can always apologize if something upset your coworker. At the same time, the best you can do is never commenting something that you are not sure about.