Every Short Lady Should Have These Clothing Items in her Wardrobe


It is almost difficult to get hold of the perfect clothing items when you are less than 5’4”. Right? You always go for high stilettos and have to stand in the front of the group for group photos. You have your bag of pros and cons for being short.

But have you ever wondered how you can make your short figure look taller with the help of clothing? Accentuate the highlights of your figure with the help of some clothing to look extremely fashionable even with the short figure.

Following are some clothing items that can help you flatter your body.

Platforms that you are able to walk in

Heels are flattering and that five-inch stiletto will help you no longer to chin up to talk to someone to their face. Wearing an elevated sole will be absolutely attractive that takes the edge off your arch. Invest in platforms that have ankle straps, soles with grip and wider heels. You will no longer suffer from comfort problems and the heels will be less stilt-like.

V-Neck Blouse

When you have a small torso, an upside-down triangle works wonder. It emphasizes your collar area and not your waistline. Look for a lightweight fabric which should be wearable across every season. You can wear it for anything from girl’s night out to an important work meeting.

Midi Dress

Short ladies are capable of carrying short dresses very well. To the envy of your tall friends, a midi dress would give a trendy look as well. For it to not look like a maxi on you, go for something that just touches your calves and doesn’t reach your ankles.

The Perfect Coat

You are looking for something that is not too long or too short. If the coat goes long on your body, they won’t match with your flats. At the same time, shorter coats are so 2000’s. The perfect proportional coat is when the hemline hits you right below your hips.

Wide Leg Trousers

These are best to give the illusion of an elongated lower body. The palazzo pants are so in trend and the best for you with platforms on. Rock the taller look with a longer hemline and heels so that your legs appear elongated.

Aren’t these clothing collections perfectly in vogue and useful? Try out.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)