Every Man Should Have These Basic Essentials to Look Elegant At Work


It becomes kind of annoying when you wear the same outfit to work week after week. Not just for you but for the people who perceive as well. You will never feel good and confident with the kind of clothes that make you feel dull and old. However, you can master the art of wearing the old clothes differently to feel fresh and new.

Make sure all of the things in your wardrobe fit you perfectly. Always try on clothes while purchasing and try to work out what trousers and shirt sizes fit you the best and add few of the basics.

Here are certain basics that you should have to look elegant at work on a daily basis by mix and match and not having a collection of outfits for work.

Plaid or Stripe shirts

For a work outfit a crisp white shirt with blue trouser is the ideal match, so you should definitely have a pair. What would differentiate your looks are patterns like stripes, gingham or plaid in the colors that you prefer. Formally, pastel colors are great and never make you look loud.

Perfectly fit trousers


Another essential that you must have is two pair of chinos so it is best in investing on them. To be at work chinos are the ideal ones as they are light weight and super comfortable to be wearing for long hours. Beige and navy blue colors are the trendiest to go for then you can get gray and olive green shades as well to take it up a notch.


Blazers have the capacity to make you look sharp. You should invest in a classic navy blue blazer, a textured gray blazer and a beige linen one to complete your wardrobe. The double-breasted navy blazers are trending these days. These are the varieties you must have to look different every time you opt wearing a blazer.

Go for the safest option in footwear

Dress shoes are no doubt the classiest and safest pair of footwear you can wear to work. So you should invest in a pair of derbies, loafers, and brogues. Blue loafers, black derbies, and tan brown brogues can be some of your options.


You bet you need some accessories to complete your overall look for work. A watch, cool cuff links, and a leather laptop bag are the must. So add these to your regular work outfits.

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