Essentials Guide For Men for A Week Long Business Trip


When you are with colleagues for a business trip, it’s not like when you are with friends, you have to be impressively dressed. And when you are going for a business trip you have to look sharp without having to carry all the clothes from your closet.

Read on to know the best outfits and essentials you should pack in your suitcase for the business meetings you have to attend.

Start with the basics

Pack a crisp white shirt, a plaid shirt, one pair of trousers and jeans and two jackets. When the foundation is right your outfits can never go wrong. Even with one pair of trousers, you can manage to look different by just changing your shirts, shoes, jackets, and accessories.

Pack two pair of shoes


Avoid packing four pairs of shoes. Ensure you are carrying either a pair of blue or black loafers or a pair of tan brown brogues. These shoes will match all your outfits and it will be no fuss to choose a perfectly matching one for your look.

Carry accessories

Make some space for ties, bow ties which match the clothing that you are carrying and one smartwatch and messenger bag to carry your laptop and stationery items.

Get a kit for your grooming products

Keep a separate kit for your hair gel, shaving cream, shaving tools etc. You know the importance of grooming for business meetings as you represent your company. So to be well groomed always during your trip you should pack all your grooming products in a kit that stay proper and are easy to locate in your package.

Judge your fragrance right

You should carry a subtle fragrance with you. Pack two perfumes, one which is mild to be used in the morning and another, a strong one to be used in the evening.