Essential Skin Care Tips for Men with Dark Skin


It should not bother you if you have dark skin. The chocolate skins are loved globally. But you need to definitely understand how you can take care of your skin better and maintain it.

Here are essential skin care methods for men with dark skin.

Avoid the razor bumps with ingrown hair

You can use an exfoliating scrub to get rid of ingrown hair. They are common in Indian men and you could be the one having them too not knowing what to do. So before grabbing a razor use an exfoliating scrub. With this, you will clear away debris and dead skin cells and potentially eliminate any chances of ingrown hair.

Dark skin tones are prone to acne and pimples

The Indian skin tone is majorly oily in nature and so it is best to use a toner to remove the excess oil from the face shut the pores and prevent acne. Adding this to your regular regime will benefit your skin the best.

Moisturize daily

Your skin is highly sensitive and can dry out or look ashy, therefore you have to moisturize twice a day. Once before taking a shower and once before getting into bed. You have to avoid moisturize that have strong odors or lanolin.

You need cleansing milk

Your skincare routine should be on point to steer clear of dirt and skin related problems. So add cleansing milk to your skin care regimen to help your skin get rid of stubborn particles and feel fresh and appear clear.

You too need sunscreen

Indian skin tone is less prone to skin cancer. However, you at least need an SPF 15 as your skin could require SPF 13.5. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out or stepping into the sun all over your body and make sure you reapply after two hours.

(Photo Credit: Amazon, Screener)