How to Ensure You Don’t Make a Mess While Shaving


In the process of shaving, you very well know that the hair gets scattered all around, making a mess and blocking the drain sometimes. Perhaps you take a bath after shaving and get all cleaned up.

But there are chances you don’t have an option of taking a bath after shaving. You are probably in a hurry to get all shaved and trimmed that you do not have any time to get the place cleaned up.

Here are few hacks you can use to not make a mess while shaving.

Avoid blocking your drain

It is obvious that your hair is going to fall in the sink and then you have to rinse the hair down the drain, however, if things get difficult, use baking soda and vinegar to avoid blocking the drain.

Trim first then razor

It will save a lot of your efforts to simply first use a face trimmer trim the hair length to a minimum and then use the razor. This saves a lot of mess too.

When you cannot shower post a shave

There are times you don’t have an option of cleaning up after shave while taking a shower. The reasons could be plenty of time is not your best friend. Use a cold towel to cover the shaved area to help you from the hairy turmoil.

Use cardboard as a dust pan

You might be accustomed to using your fingers to push the shaved strands towards the drain. However, you can use a piece of rectangular cut cardboard as a dust pan.

Rinse the razor regularly

You need to clean the razor to remove the pesky strands that are stuck in the blades. This will prevent your chances of getting shaved yet again and gives you the best shaving experience.