Enjoy the Big Billion Days sale of Flipkart using Google Assistant bot


The five-day flagship of Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale that will commence from 10th October and is promising you good deals but the bargaining experience with the help of a bot from Google Assistant. Flipkart has announced that it has partenered the GoogleZoo, the creative think tank for various agencies and the brands for launching “The Big Billion Days ka Boss”.

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Each day, Flipkart will be releasing two new products for its customers bicker over. The customers those look for the latest products for the best price will be able to do the same with the help of the voice-based conversations with the Flipkart Hagglebot on Google Assistant those are available on all the iOS and the Android devices.

At the end of the day, “the boss” would be crowned depending upon the negotiation skills depending upon how good bargain she drives.

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The deal was secured on each items and will then the price of that particular product for all. At the end, the winner will get a chance of walking away with the free product.

Along with that, the limited edition of all the deals will be available through the Hagglebot’s AI-based platform in the initiative.

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The Google Zoo has also worked closely with Flipkart in order to develop the voice-based bot that provides the buyers an haggling experience.
“Bargaining is rooted in our culture and we have now integrated that with the convenience of online shopping.

We hope our customers have a great time with this unique, rich and immersive experience,” said Kartikeya Bhandari, head of brand marketing at Flipkart.

“bot” is built with the DialogFlow on the Google Assistant and is powered by the Google Cloud Platform that makes use of the natural language processing of Google along with its machine language expertise.

The Flipkart Hagglebot experience should feel very natural and respond quickly across a large range of devices. We hope Flipkart customers love this next-generation voice experience,” said the creative director of Zoo, Google Apac, Gene Brutty.

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