Energy drinks may pose health risks to young people


There had been a study carried out over health drinks. This study proved that these health drinks contain Caffeine and sugar, and not only that but also contains other stimulants which may work individually or in combination with caffeine. The most common additions are taurine and guarana, which are the two natural stimulants. Therefore one should not assume the health risks of energy drinks only because we understand the health risk of caffeine.

This is not the first time when researchers are looking into the adverse affects of energy drinks. Before this pediatrics had published a research about the consumption of drinks which have high amount of taurine and caffeine in it. This overdose can cause diabetes, heart attack and heart problems.

The study also points out the manufacturers who are producing and marketing these drinks without even acknowledging its safety issues. Whereas “manufactures claim that energy drinks are nutritional supplements which shields them from the caffeine limits imposed on sodas and the safety testing and labeling required of pharmaceuticals.”

There was a study carried out recently which claimed that both the taurine and caffeine consumption may cause exaggerated effects on the developing brain with time.

Another study suggested that there are a lot of talks about banning the drinks for people under a certain age. In fact a grocery store has just announced that they have stopped providing these drinks to kids under the age of 16. After recent reports of death and suicide, some of the advocates are pushing the government to handle this problem more seriously. One of the authors agrees that something should be done about this. They say, “Public health authorities may be warranted in considering additional regulations on energy drinks,” they wrote, “including minimum age restrictions and enhanced health warning.”

Until then, parents should talk to their kids and warn them about the adverse affects of these drinks. It may become highly risky when taken in high doses over the time.