What You Should Do If You End Every Day Feeling Behind


Does the end of each day make you feel a little behind to your goals? You feel like you could have done so much but end up doing so little that it almost bites you at the end of the day. The simple answer to not getting the desired results to your work or anything in life is that you are not working hard enough.

The famous artist Beethoven spends eight hours a day composing and a few hours walking, which is solid productivity. Comparing it to the average human’s day, we take maximum two to three hours to really work after filtering out time spent on social media, meaningless breaks or cleaning your inbox, rest of the day comprises of either watching TV or back to social media.

Identify the blind spots in your productivity and replace them with better ones.

Here’s how you can do it.

Track your time

Being optimistic is great but it really doesn’t work when you need to figure out the time you wasted. For a week start tracking your time by jotting down all that you do and the period.

You can use the tracking options like RescueTime and Toggl, or simply use notepads or spreadsheets.


After you have tracked your time for a week, review it. Ask yourself to know the activities that had the worst outcomes and what did you spend the most time on. Perhaps you spent a lot of time in the same few activities.

You cannot manage all at once, so pick an activity or two and tackle those.

Rewire your bad habits

Bad habits can be addictive. You can try to rewire them into good habits. In case you are tempted to check on your social media profile when your browser signals you to or keep checking your emails, just turn the internet off when you are working on something important.

Affirm to yourself that you will not be tempted to waste your time on anything but focus on doing your work. It takes some time to rewire your actions give yourself some space to learn and adjust accordingly.

Reflect and Repeat

After the phase of rewiring think to yourself whether you have succeeded in replacing your bad habits. If you could not, do you lack self-control? Or are you easily distracted?

The only way to learn is to ask you plenty of questions and repeat the process.