Email Writing Mistakes to Avoid Right Away!


At work, the major mode of communication is through emails. The way you write an email represents yourself and your company. You send across messages regularly to your clients as well as amongst your team and higher ups.

Yet there are many who exactly are not aware of how to write an email. The mistakes that are made are rampant and troublesome and yet no one corrects you.

Here are email writing errors which should be stopped right away.

Avoid Phrases

“Let me know the best time”

Everything about this phrase is wrong as you let the person you are sending the email to choose a time that is convenient for them. You do this with the idea that you will adjust accordingly but it does not work that way.

“Apologies for delayed response”

With this phrase, you portray the idea that you were busy and are important which is why you could not reply. But rather you should thank them for their patience. Replace it by saying “Thanks for your patience” which makes it positive.

“I would like your opinion on this”

Making this your subject line makes you appear self-centered. Rather develop a subject line that presents the email’s recipient what is in it for them.

Mistakes In Email Formatting

Long Paragraphs

Each paragraph should be of 3 lines. It should be a summary and quick read which the recipient can skim and immediately grasp the message.

Inconsistent Line Breaks

If you leave two line breaks for the first paragraph do the same for the end of the next paragraph. This might feel like not a major error but the recipient will definitely consider what it reflects about your writing style and character. Without organizing your email formats you show that you were reckless while preparing the mail.

Not Using Bullets

Bullets help in highlighting the important points that can be difficult to understand if wrote in a paragraph. If there are set of instructions, things that need to be done or series of steps, use bullet points to make it clearly visible and easily understandable.

Routine Errors

Not replying to all in a mail thread

When you are coordinating with two people and miss replying to one, you are bound to be questioned by the other whether you replied back or not. This increases the trouble and efforts for you and is a waste of time.

Mass emailing

Regardless of how flawless your writing skills are or confident you are about it never email to everyone together. Reach out individually if many people have to be emailed. It is never wise to send the same email message to everyone. Try personalizing each mail.

Preparing a new thread when you could reply to an old one

Wasting time on developing different subject lines is not going to help anyone. If the conversation is revolving around the same subject don’t bother creating a new thread. Respond to the same mail which will be easier for the recipient to follow and refer back anytime easily.