Effective Ways to Actively Resist Temptation and Be a Winner in Life


In life, you need to overcome few temptations in order to achieve things and become successful. However, temptations get the best of us and we have to start over.

Here are the best ways to actively resist temptation and Be a Winner in Life

Identify potential temptation

You are only tempted more when you plan to control them. When you identify your temptations you will control it better than temptations controlling you.

Avoid tempting spaces

If you are on a diet avoid the spaces that offer junk food. If you want to quit smoking avoid the places where people usually smoke. You will control your temptations better when you avoid the environment that pushes you towards your desires.

Visualize resisting temptation

You feel powerful when you visualize avoiding temptations. Think of the benefits you will receive after you have effectively managed to overcome temptations.

Distract yourself

When you are near to your temptations or thinking about it distract yourself with activities involving self-control to refresh your mind. Go for a walk or exercise or jog, watch tv or whatever that can occupy your mind for a little time to be distracted from temptations.

Eat well

Eating healthy will give you a fresh and well-focused mind. Eating unhealthy will make your blood and sugar levels go down making you lose self-control and have slow brain activity.

Avoid stress

Stress is something that will easily make you loose against temptations. You won’t be able to focus on self-control. Meditate, eat healthily and get a good rest for avoiding stress.

Concentrate on long-term consequences

The temptations will be bad for the future but controlling it today promises for a better future. Again think of the benefits of resisting temptations.

Consider your actions broadly

Giving in one-time won’t hurt right? However, if you give away one goal or step towards achieving the success you are only taken further back close to the start but not close to your goals.

(Photo credit: Popkey)