Eat These Foods Daily to Remove Age off Your Face


For skin care, we use a combination of sunscreen, regular exfoliation and anti-aging creams that will help us ease into the process of aging. But notably, you can also eat your way to the wrinkle-free skin. When your body digests protein-rich foods, it breaks the protein down into amino acids which helps rebuild cells.

When your body has plenty of protein available to break down, it will be easier to repair and restore skin cells as well as collagen that gives skin structure. You must avoid excessive sugar and caffeine.

Below we suggest five foods which will help your body fight the wrinkle off.


This pungent herb contains skin protecting antioxidants named polyphenols that will guard your skin from free radicals. They are the unstable molecules responsible for breaking down collagen.


More than any fruit or vegetable, berries have the most amount of antioxidants. And those antioxidants save your skin. They defend against wrinkle-causing skin damage. The antioxidant powers of vitamin C efficiently reduce age spots as well as discoloration.

Olive oil

Olive oil is packed with oleic acid. It is a fatty acid that makes your skin smooth by keeping the cell membranes fluid. The vitamin E and polyphenols present in it also help your skin to look younger.


Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which are not just good for your heart but are beneficial to keep cell membranes fluid maintaining your skin’s youthful smoothness. Every week try to eat at least two or four ounces of salmon servings.


An Australian study of people in Australia, Greece, and Sweden found that the people who eat the most of the beans, vegetables, fish and olive oil have the fewest wrinkles. Green beans have carotenoids lutein, neoxanthin, beta-carotene and violaxanthin that enhances the skin’s ability to fight aging.