Easy Ways To Get That Artsy Look In No Time



We all simply adore the classic artsy look an Indian Woman wears. It’s just makes you look perfect an any occasion.Be it a festive occasion, a book release launch or a simple dinner with family and friends. It’s a well known fact that how you dress defines your persona and if you’re the art loving kind, then this is the look you must definitely go for. As this look has the ability to make anyone look sophisticated and classy with minimal makeup, this is opted by most working women and even celebrities. If you’re looking ways on how to top that classy and artsy look, then check out these few ways that are listed below.


It is much more than a traditional or religious sign, over the years it has become a   fashion statement. Within seconds it gives you an adult, classic and serious look. A typical big red bindi is the most apt one to look stunning.


A saree can make you look absolutely gorgeous. The best way to top that classic look is by draping a cotton saree. It will immediately give you an effortless artsy look. When you pick your saree, make sure it has no glitter or embroidery work on the saree. Go for a simple plain colors if you’re heading for a regular event or go for solid colors like royal blue, dark green or maroon which has a wide border. Pair it with a suitable blouse which is not too fancy.


You can play with your accessories. Opt for oxidized accessories with unique designs. You can wear bangles, earrings as well as neck piece. Avoid chokers, stick to long neck-piece that looks classy.


Get a beautiful jhola or even matte colored bags. Carrying these bags will amply your bold and classy look. Look out for simple yet trendy bags that would suit your artsy look next time you go shopping.

Almost any lady can go for this look, all you need to have in you is confidence.