Drinking water during meals: good or bad?


Our system has complex set of organs, enzymes, secretions and lot more. For ensuring that the system is working properly, there are several things to take care of. Solid material and liquid both go parallel while food digestion. Water is considered the most important element of the day as it helps the body remain hydrated. There are a few people who say that drinking water during meal is good and some say it is not. Let’s know whether drinking water is good during meal or has a bad effect on your body:

Constipation and overeating:-

Drinking water at the time of meal helps in reducing constipation as it helps in softening stool. Even helps in clearing the food track in a proper way. When we drink water with meal we avoid overeating as water is filled up in the left out portion of the stomach.

Water also contains nutrients which are important for a body which can suffice for your nutritional needs along with food.

Digestive Process:-

Stomach acids might not suffer because of consuming water during a meal; there are other people who think drinking water along with food so that better digestion is achieved. But that’s not wholly true, as digestion is known for being a complicated procedure where a lot of elements are needed to work along with its better functioning. This leads to better functioning and a healthy body and cool mind. Therefore having food and water at the right time is important.

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Stomach acids:

When we look at consuming water in between meals from the perspective of our acid in the stomach, then the doctors would also ask you to drink water along with food. There is still a doubt that the acid which is flowing through the stomach may become too diluted along with water consumption, though this generally doesn’t happen. According to the studies conducted by reliable organizations and sources under a restricted environment proves that the PH balance of the stomach is not affected by consuming water throughout having a meal.