What Drinking Soda Does To Your Body?


Sugar consumption, obesity and the illnesses associated with it are a pretty hot topic around the world. Researchers, public health experts, and physicians have actually identified the culprit behind world’s unhealthy consumption epidemic which is soda. Yes, any soda that you’re consuming has been linked to gout, type 2 diabetes stroke, obesity heart attack and premature aging.

The effects can be reversed by not drinking the beverage and here’s what happens to your body when you do.

You will sleep more

Soda and any other sweetened beverages like energy drinks and fruit juices effect every part of your body. A key ingredient in it is caffeine and caffeine is a stimulant that keeps us awake. But that could keep you awake at night when you actually need sleep which can further cause insomnia and sleep disturbance.

You will have your memory back

Long-term consumption may lead to impaired memory learning and behavior.

Your heart will be saved

Due to caffeine and other ingredients in it, it has an adverse effect on our heart functions. It may cause an increase in blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, stomach acid reaction and affect urine production. The more soda on drinks the more they are at risk of a heart attack.

You get a good skin

Drinking the sweetened beverage can cause premature aging. People who have more sugar-sweetened beverages have shorter telomeres. The ends of chromosomes are called telomeres to protect the chromosomes. But with time telomeres shorten naturally as you age. But the consumption of soda increases the possibility of your telomeres to shrink.

You will have a gorgeous hair

High sugar intake like soda, can indirectly cause hair loss. Sugar affects the hormones in your body such as dihydrotestosterone causing hair loss. If you control the intake of sugar you help control the amount of dihydrotestosterone.

You may lose some weight

Soda may be the reason for your recent weight gain eliminating it can do the trick to lose weight. Studies have found that swapping soda for healthy beverages can lead to weight loss.