How to Dress Up Your Regular White Tee to Look Super Chic


The regular white tee is your wardrobe staple and a go-to piece of clothing. Grocery shopping to the outfit of the evening white tee is a piece of glory and builds a slashing outfit. However, there are times you just don’t understand how to dress it up to look more stylish.

Here we suggest you ways to dress up the underrated item of your closet.

With blazer, jeans and strappy sandals, you get a very chic look. You can even get the monochromatic look by wearing an off white blazer white your white tee.

Pair a dressy short that has vibrant colors or prints on them with your white tee. To top it off wear a Panama hat, this can be your favorite vacation look!

Wear your white tee with printed midi skirt and wedges for your feet. You can pull off any bold prints or patterns thanks to your white t-shirt.

You wear a white tee under any spaghetti strap dress. It will give you a more 90’s look with chunky boots. Try nude dresses to look trendier.

Wear your white t-shirt with crisp white jeans. This will be an ideal outfit when you have a vibrant set of accessories to complement your overall look.

For the perfect brunch look why not wear a blazer over a white tee and denim shorts. Just make sure that the blazer is a long to keep the proportions balanced out and give you polished look.

The classic black jeans and white tee can be leveraged with funky heels. This is another balanced look where you let your shoes do all the talking. Accessorize with dainty pieces to finish up.

To get the soberly fierce look a pencil skirt with white tee goes a long way. You can carry a clutch with you to make it your accessory. For this look, you should lean towards more of neutral colors. This is a very upscale look.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest, gurl)