Dress according to your body not age!


Attitude and personality is defined by what you wear, how you wear, and is the outfit comfortable or not. We are generally aware of what looks best on us and what would look out of style. Here we discovered that a more in-depth look at dressing for your body shape is not a bad thought.

Read on below to check out some of the dresses best suitable according to your body type.

  1. If you are an hourglass:-

If you are the Hourglass you would wish to highlight your waist as you love flaunting your curves and for that you can try out these fashion tips.

Crop tops

Wearing Crop top is a great way to flaunt your Curves.

Try out a belted Jacket

For embracing your curves you can wear a high waist belt which would help you show of your curves better.

A wrap Dress

V-neck flatters your bust greatly and the waist details are helpful in highlighting the Curves between the waist and hips.

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2. If you are an Apple!

These types of people generally have to minimize the midsection by highlighting legs and shoulders. So here are some fashion details about the people with Apple body.

High waist Circle skirt

Its waist band will hit the small part of the torso and would flare out on the stomach. This will help yu look curvy.

Low waist straight leg pants

Pants which are low waist will hide the stomach bulge and make you look less flabby.

Flowy Top

This kind of top has frills which would help hide the shape of your midsection and this won’t let you look out of shape.

3. If you are banana:-

You will have to highlight the thinnest part of the waist, so that your bust and the hips look large and more proportional.

Tapered pants

This type of pant will create the delusion of more proportionate hips.

Cut out dress

The small cut out on the sides of your body will help you look curvier. The lines pointing inside would help your waist look smaller in proportion to your bust and hips.

Every person and their body shapes are different and unique.